Message from the President

Message from the President

Welcome to our Toray Malaysia Group’s website.

Toray Group is guided by the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.” As a player in the basic materials industry, Toray has relentlessly strived to develop and commercialize new technologies and products that contribute to the global environment as well as the security, safety and quality of life of our people.

Since its inception in Penang in 1971, Toray Malaysia Group has continuously developed and diversified its business, from the manufacturing of polyester fibre and textile to the production of polyester films, ABS resins and PBT resins in Malaysia.

Besides attaining the business objectives, Toray Malaysia Group is also committed to being an ethical corporate citizen. Various initiatives have been directed toward furthering this worthy cause, including the donation of an Olympic-size swimming pool complex and an electronic video scoreboard for the people of Penang.

In 1993, Toray Malaysia Group, in collaboration with Toray Japan, took a step further by establishing the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation to promote science and technology in Malaysia through the various awards and research grant programmes.

As good corporate citizen, Toray Malaysia Group is committed to be a valuable asset to Malaysia, the people of Malaysia, and all other stakeholders.

As stipulated in Toray Group’s long-term corporate vision “AP-Growth TORAY 2020” and Medium-term Management Program Project AP-G 2013, Toray Group’s growth strategically places its emphasis on business expansions in growing markets and business fields, as well as Green Innovation Businesses that help to resolve increasingly serious global environmental, resource and energy issues.

Here in Malaysia, we will also take proactive stances in business development, especially in Asia where an economic growth is anticipated. For example, we hope to enlarge our polyester fibre business in view of the spinning of sewing thread (polyester 100%) capacity expansion in Bangladesh. Similarly, we will increase our effort to expand the polyester film business in IT-related products, namely smart phones and advanced materials for solar batteries and other materials beneficiary to the global environment. For the ABS resin business, we are focusing on R&D and sales expansion for the value-added and environmentally friendly grades which are targeted for the leading home electrical appliances and automobiles products. Meanwhile, PBT resin business is continuing its effort to strengthen competitiveness by achieving world’s best quality, with lower cost.

I hope this website will help you understand our Toray Malaysia Group better.

Hiroshi Yoshimura


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