1970 1

Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. renamed Toray Industries, Inc.

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3 Chiba Plant established.

Marketing of ECSAINE™ ultra-microfiber non-woven fabric with suede texture began.
10 Tsuchiura Plant established.
1971 3 Tokai Plant established.
7 Gifu Plant established.

Test production of TORAYCA™ carbon fiber started (Shiga).
10 P.T. Indonesia Toray Synthetics established in Indonesia.
1973 2 Penfibre Sdn. Berhad established in Malaysia.

Production of TORAYCA™ carbon fiber started (Ehime).
4 Nan Sing Dyeing Works (Malaysia) (now Penfabric Sdn. Berhad) established in Malaysia.
1974 1 Toray Industries (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong.
4 Iganto S.p.A. (now Alcantara S.p.A.) established in Italy.
1975 6 Ishikawa Plant established.
1976 12 Marketing of TORAYCON™ PBT resin began.
1977 9

Full-scale production of TORELIEF™ photosensitive resin relief printing plate began (Okazaki).
1978 6 Toray Research Center Inc. established.
1979 10

Marketing of TORAY WATERLESS PLATE™ offset printing plate requiring no dampening water began.