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PAB M4 - Sales

1. PAB M4- Sales
 Joined October 2006
 Marketing Manager

Toray believes materials can change our lives. I was lucky enough to be part of or at least witness it. In Penfabric, our Active Kleen with soil release function continues to sell well since it was introduced in the UK as school uniform back in 2012. Customers love the fabric as it helps them with ease of laundry. Another bestselling product is our Cordura Nyco series with exceptional abrasion that has gained popularity across Europe as it is suitable for use as workwear in tough working environments, yet comfortable to wear. Other than that, our Toray brand of recycled polyester fabric reduces dependency on fuel oil and prevents used plastics from ending in the ocean. Working in Sales, I like the fact that I am always the first to share our exciting new products to the market. Dealing with people is always the most challenging part of every job and in Penfabric, we adopt the motto “treat our customer as our first love”. Life will never be the same after COVID-19, thus I hope that I can assist to explore new usages/applications for our fabrics. Aside from work, I usually spend my weekends reading, food hunting and watching movies.


1. PAB M4- Administration
 Joined May 2016
 Assistant Section Manager

Toray is a strong multinational corporation with a multiracial workforce and provide great benefits for employees. I am fortunate to work in this company and have the opportunity to interact with an amazing team. The company emphasizes a highly ethical and positive work culture geared towards the happiness and productivity of its employees. The most challenging part of my job as an Administration Officer is the need to deal with different kinds of people every day. Sometimes it might be hard for me to handle a few cases that come up at the same time, but I find everyone here to be very supportive of one another. It truly feels like we are one big family.


1. Penfibre Fibre Division - Sales & Marketing
 Joined January 2016
 Deputy Section Manager

In Toray, every employee must be aware of the importance of safety and this impressed me the most because it shows that company has a strong sense of safety and takes good care of its employees. What I specifically like about my job is that I get to meet many customers (local and overseas), discuss and negotiate with them. Working with numerous customers has allowed me to develop my ability to communicate effectively, not only with clients but also with team members. In our Sales Department, we work towards our common vision and aspirations. I hope that I could lead my own team in the future and steer them to greatness.


1. Penfibre Film Division - Sales & Marketing
 Joined October 2015
 Senior Officer-II

After graduation from university, I was thrilled to become a member of the Toray family as it is an international and visionary group that is constantly working on new advanced materials and looking towards the future. I have learned so many things after entering the world of work because I am surrounded by people with vast amount of knowledge and it has gradually broadened my horizon. Everyone has his/her limitation when it comes to work, but I will continue to strive to improve myself to overcome my weaknesses and focus on my strengths.


1. TMS - Planning & Projects
 Joined February 2017
 Section Manager

I am grateful that Toray has invested substantially in nurturing a fresh graduate like me and subsequently, trained me to be ready to take on life's challenges. Not only that, the managers are ever willing to put in a lot of efforts into developing employees by providing adequate and structured training besides various types of development programs. I love every bit of my job: workplace diversity and collaborative environment are other important elements that are integral to Toray. The most challenging part of my job is to keep myself updated with the latest technology, knowledge and skills in order to produce and deliver high-quality products and services. I believe that all the challenges and problems that I had overcome constitute valuable experience that has raised my personal growth and competencies to new heights. Going forward, I wish to enhance my knowledge and skills by applying technology to the latest business needs or for future business growth and grow along with Toray. It is my practice to set aside a few hours each week to unplug from the electronic devices, giving my mind a break from work and filling my time with family and friends, especially as I love travelling with my loved ones.

2. TMS- Planning & Projects
 Joined July 2018
 Assistant Section Manager

Toray Malaysia set up its IoT R&D Facilities in year 2016 and I was given the chance to be involved in designing and planning IoT solutions for different fields of manufacturing, including Textile, Fibre, Film and Plastics. This also provided me an opportunity to study and work using the latest IoT technologies. The most challenging part of my job is to customize the related technology and design the right solution for reducing production pain points and maximizing business benefits. Usually, I will surf on technology & business websites to learn and understand how other companies improve their processes through the use of technology. Every day, I get to learn something new. I really hope that our team can come out with more Industrial 4.0 solutions to help transform Toray Group (Malaysia) companies into smart manufacturers. In my free time, I like to watch technology-related video clips or read articles to keep me updated on the latest technologies available for use in the business world.


1. TPM - Logistics
 Joined February 1992
 Department Manager

I am proud to say that I work for Toray and honoured to still be a part of the family after 28 years. Toray is a big organization with diversified business segments and I love to work here because of the teamwork, flexibility and dynamic environment. The greatest challenge that I face in my job is managing people. Therefore, I always try to be a patient and good listener so as to understand my subordinates’ problems and ultimately, work together with all as a united team. I sincerely appreciate having the strong support and cooperation of my fellow colleagues, building trusting relationship with one another and just having fun at work. I spend my leisure time mostly with family and also on practising yoga and meditation for calming my mind, increasing self-awareness and cultivating a positive mindset – indeed a great way to maintain healthy work-life balance !