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Let's see what our employees say about us


1. Penfibre Film Division - Engineering
 Joined April 2016
  Senior Engineer II

I am glad that Toray offered me an opportunity to work in this multinational company with sustainable growth. As a project engineer, I need to master various engineering principles. Each project is different and exciting, and the most challenging part is meeting project deadlines and ensuring contractors follow company’s basic rules and avoiding accidents even the minor ones. This is mandatory as safety is always top priority in Toray. Thus, I am required to plan and prepare meticulously to ensure our projects are carried out smoothly and safely. I aim to climb to the top of the corporate ladder in my career path.


1. TPM - Technology Centre
 Joined August 2012
 Production Technology Group Technologist

Toray Group is a highly recognized multinational organization in many countries. I am totally impressed with Toray’s corporate philosophy, “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies, and products” and it aligns with my own aspiration to create new inventions that could improve the quality of people’s daily lives. In addition, Toray values Safety over everything else, as in the slogan “Safety is Our Priority”, and this makes me feel secure both as an engineer and employee. In my daily job, I get to spend time in the office, laboratory as well as the industrial plant areas. I am fascinated by the fact that everyone here has clear goals to achieve. With many interesting projects at hand, I believe that Toray will continue to prosper in the future. On a personal level, I am eager to learn new skills and expertise to realize my dream of being a well-respected leader in my chosen field. After work, I enjoy going to selected cafes with my close friends (they are also are my colleagues). During the weekends, I mostly spend my time at home – reading, cooking and especially painting, through which I can freely express my feelings, enhance my creativity and see things from different perspectives.